Chairman's Corner: "Guns, Life and our Kids in America Today - Are We Doing Enough To Stop The Bloodshed?"
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Across our land people are divided over gun rights. Both sides of the argument have a legitimate right to do so. However, most Americans have forgotten that within the last ninety days violence has found it's way into 21 of our schools. The most recent event related to gun rights occurred as a result of the killing of seventeen beautiful students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

Of the 15,595 American's killed by guns, 99.3% were not related to schools. Therefore, it is clear that the killing of innocent citizens by guns is a national problem.

The Second Amendment is used by many to discourage reasonable gun rights. Creating fear among gun owners that the government is planning to take their guns is the key reason why many gun owners resiste efforts to control guns.
In the fight over guns, seldom do we understand what the United States Constitution and the Bible addresses the importance of life about the protection of life. It appears for many, guns are more important than protecting life.

There is a profound question that must be raised and that is, what would be the position of many gun owners had their children been killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Currently there are enough guns in America to arm each citizen. Some parents give their young son a gun for Christmas or for his birthday. Gun ranges are flooded with children practicing shooting a gun.

The children in Parkland Florida and throughout our nation have taken action to minimize the effects of the uncontrolled gun lobby. These are the true patriots who are insisting that life is more important than guns. What is interesting is that the parents of these children are supporting their children.

Now let it be clear, Americans have a right to own guns and no reasonable person is suggesting that guns be taken away from law abiding citizens. However, weapons of war do not belong anywhere in this nation - they belong on the battlefield.

If Dr. King was with us, he would have been in the vanguard of fighting the deadly disease of guns killing our citizens. He often stated that evil and injustice can only occur when good people do not take action. This is the time for people who believe in "life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness" to address the uncontrollable use of weapons of war in our communities.