Chairman's Corner: "ICDHR Chairman Participates in the 2020 World Peace Summit in Seoul South Korea" 
For the third year in a row ICDHR Chairman, the Reverend Clyde H. Brooks was invited to participate in the "2020 World Peace Summit" in Seoul South Korea.

The summit brought together world leaders whose individual and collective experiences, wisdom and insight are viewed to be critical in building a world of lasting peace through interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal principles.

A key goal of the summit was the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Under the sponsorship of the Universal Peace Federation, the summit was attended by more than three thousand delegates from 170 nations.
In addition to Rev. Brooks (pictured above with Dr. William A. McComish (Dean Emeritus and President of the World Appeal Headquartered in Geneva Switzerland) other attendees included:

and other high level government officials from Japan, Russia, the Phillippines, Portugal, South Africa and 120 other countries.

Global issues that were discussed included:

Rev. Brooks shared his views on the role of church leaders in a time of dramatic change. He also urged attendees to cease viewing being quite as a determining factor in addressing peace.

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